The G4 Guitar Method is a structured approach that breaks songs down into their component skills. Playing the guitar involves learning techniques such as picking & strumming along with musical ideas based on chords, scales & arpeggios to give us those famous songs we know and love.  By presenting those essential skills in a checklist, students know at-a-glance what they should be practicing at any particular time; the advantage for parents is the ability to track, support and encourage their child to complete each task on their checklist to move up in levels – the end result builds confidence, discipline and a real sense of achievement.  Adult students similarly find that having a structured approach to their practice allows them to focus their time and fit guitar practice in around family and work commitments; this approach means that students ranging from 5 to 75 years of age can enjoy learning to play.

The best way to start your journey on guitar is with a 5-week introductory package; this allows Ben to evaluate your current ability and commitment to practice.  In return, you will learn some of the fundamental skills required to play your favourite songs, and get into the habit of practicing regularly. After the initial 5-week period, you will then join a small group class with others of a similar age and ability; this provides an opportunity to build on those basic skills through structured exercises, songs and jam sessions, all in a friendly and relaxed teaching environment.

If you have a child in your family that is showing an interest in music, or if as an adult it is something you have wanted to do for years, the 5-week introduction lessons can be booked for only £79.