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Specialising in beginner guitar lessons, G4 Guitar School Stockport was founded in 2014 by Ben Messenger. Ben's musical journey started at the age of 10, fascinated by the music of Eric Clapton. Such passion prompted Ben to take up classical guitar lessons, before returning to his love of rock music with the arrival of Oasis in the early '90s. Exposure to ACDC, The Beatles and Bon Jovi gave Ben an appreciation for different musical genres. Such appreciation and diverse musical interests proved useful when Ben was performing with local bands in his hometown of Warrington. Understanding the power of the musical idiom, Ben began his teaching career at a music school in Warrington, helping children develop their musical ability. Moving to Cheadle in 2013, Ben utilised his 10 years of teaching experience to set up his own guitar school, G4 Guitar School Stockport. Fast forward 7-years, Ben now teaches over 50 regular students, either in the purpose-built commercial teaching studio or over ZOOM. G4 Guitar School specialises in both beginner guitar tuition and guitar lessons for children in Stockport.

Purpose-built Studio

Our purpose-built teaching studio gives students the opportunity to experience first-class sound-quality and truly resonate with the music. Through hearing the euphonious tonality of the guitar, students gain musical confidence and trust in their ability. Our purpose-built teaching studio sets us apart from guitar teachers in Stockport.

Guitar Lessons for Children

As experts in both beginner guitar tuition and guitar teaching for children, we understand the importance of structure, innovation, and fun. Our immersive lessons allow pupils to express themselves, resulting in a sense of achievement for the student, improved self-discipline, enhanced self-confidence, and a true passion for music.

Using The G4 Guitar Method

The revolutionaryG4 Guitar Method breaks songs down into achievable skills and techniques and provides students with a structured practice routine. Students will develop essential techniques such as strumming and picking, chords, scales and arpeggios. Such techniques allow students to play along to their favourite songs in no time.

In-person and ZOOM Lessons

Our in-person guitar classes take place in our one-of-a-kind purpose-built teaching studio. Our studio allows students to experience first-class sound-quality. Conversely, if you're more comfortable learning beginner guitar in familiar surroundings, our ZOOM lessons allow students to learn the guitar from the comfort of their own home.

All-round glowing reviews

Success stems from utilising the G4 Guitar Method. The G4 Guitar Method which has been designed, developed and tested over the last 30 years to help our students reach their guitar playing goals in the shortest possible time. There are over 30 G4 Guitar Schools across the world including the UK, Australia, the USA and Canada. The G4 Guitar Method is a structured approach that breaks songs down into skills and techniques the student is comfortable with. Ben develops essential techniques such as strumming and picking, chords, scales and arpeggios. Ben presents such essential skills in the form of a checklist. This structured approach allows students to understand what they should be practising and gives parents the ability to support and engage with their child's practice routine. As skills on the checklist are completed, students move up the levels, resulting in a sense of achievement for the student, enhanced self-discipline and increased musical confidence. Adult students also benefit from this structured method of teaching, allowing them to allocate practice time in and amongst family and work commitments. The G4 Guitar Method means that students ranging from 5 to 75 years of age can enjoy playing the guitar. Join G4 Guitar School today, the specialists in beginner guitar tuition and guitar lessons for children in Stockport.

Guitar Lessons for Children Stockport

G4 Guitar School provides guitar lessons for children in Stockport. We pride ourselves on offering well-structured, innovative, fun lessons to our pupils. With over 50 thrilled students and countless 5-star reviews, G4 Guitar School allows students to express themselves musically, developing self-confidence, self-discipline and musical passion. Our guitar classes for children in Stockport bring students of similar ages and ability's together, with classes ensuring every student is challenged and no-one is left behind. Furthermore, we hold several live performances throughout the year, allowing students to showcase what they have learnt.

ZOOM Guitar Lessons Stockport

With the COVID-19 pandemic halting face-to-face teaching indefinitely, we have adapted our service to provide ZOOM guitar lessons for students. Our well-structured ZOOM guitar lessons in Stockport allow students to maintain their musical tuition whilst in lockdown. This encourages students to keep up their practice and provides a structured learning environment to hone their musical skills.

Beginner Guitar Lessons

You're never too old to start learning a new skill. G4 Guitar School caters for all ages, from 5-75. Through utilising the G4 Guitar Method, complete beginners will be playing along to their favourite tracks in no time. At G4 Guitar School, we pride ourselves in offering first-class teaching services, specialising in beginner guitar lessons in Stockport. Whether you're looking to develop a new skill during the lockdown, want to reignite your musical passion, or simply give your child a taste of the musical idiom, get in touch today

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